Scenes from the Haight-Ashbury street fair

The Haight Ashbury Street Fair is an annual June event that’s been going on for 35 years, becoming for a day the center of ‘peace, love and happiness.’ There’s a hemp and/or counter-cultural theme to most of the vendor’s offerings, whether art, crafts or t-shirts. This year, there were also two stages of music on either end of Haight street, including the headlining act, The Tubes.

A typical Victorian in the Haight district, with typical bay windows:

A not so typical flat-iron type building, two blocks from the fair on Haight street:

Buena Vista park, a block from the fair and also on Haight street:

Street musician and didgeridoos, or possibly alphorns:

I think he needs a bigger piece of cardboard. I can’t tell if it says ‘contributions’ or ‘commemorations’. I also like the part about supporting live local music:

Local ska/punk band at Masonic and Haight stage:

Smoke ahead:

food stuffs:

Glitterman, with beer:

More smoke ahead:

Looks like the brown dog doesn’t want its butt sniffed:


The main stage at Stanyan and Haight, with The Tubes:

Shop on Haight at Belvedere:

Into the bar, Aub Zam Zam:


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